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Disable keypad when security in "armed" status

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First post, and hope this hasn't been asked previously.


I have a keypad at an outside patio that controls 4 switches that in turn turn on/off some heaters.


When the alarm system is armed, I would like to disable the keypads, like a vacation mode..


Really not sure how to go about it.


Any info would be great!

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Ok sounds very simple...


I didnt have any other programming on the keypad buttons, just a connection to the switch BUT

in programming I added



? If>Security System>DISARMED_STATE is True


And thats it..

I'm VERY new to this as you can tell. I go for training next month but of course the boss wants me working on a system or two in the meantime.

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If your keypad buttons are bound to the switch that turns on and off your heater, then you will need to ask you dealer to remove the binding so you can control it via the programming.


I am guessing the are bound in the connections tab because you say there is no programming on the keypad button clicks.

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