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Help me starting up.


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Hi dear all,

I have been doing control 4 hardware installation for a year now.but I have just started working with the composer and only have a little introduction with programming.

I request all seniors here to please help me that after opening composer pro, what should be the right sequence of procedure to adopt.

I mean for example I am doing a small room with hc250. For theatre equipments what should be the step wise approach? starting from the project tree.

Thanking all of you!

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Respected sir,

I am a technical person and I know that people doing something practically for a long period of time can explain something in a brief and easy to understand way.that's why I requested all of u for guidance.

I just want you to recommend me a sequence for example,

1. Make home, house , floor , room,theatre etc.

2. Add devices .

3.connect devices.

4.add drivers.

5.test drivers..

Plz guide !


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I think what MSGreen is saying it: You are asking for the most basic of help. Control4 has a training class that if you cannot do the most basic things you should/would take. If you are a dealer and you cannot do these things most would question your dealership, or if you arent a dealer you shouldnt have ComposerPro and shouldnt ask questions about that on this forum. Most folks here dont want to get into trouble for helping someone with bootleg software.

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I'd go:

1.test drivers..


2.connect devices.

3.add drivers.


4. Add devices .


5. Make home, house , floor , room,theatre etc.




What you are asking for sir is what common sense is.

Common sense in this case is to stay away from composer....


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