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Checking the status of a garage door during a time range


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I would like to check the status of my garage doors during a schedule range.  I have alerts that work great if the event occurs during that schedule say 8am-5pm, but if my kids leave the door open at say 7:50am, the system will not tell me at 8am that the door was opened, at least the way I have it set up:)  


What I am doing is setting up a schedule between these times and if the door opens or closes, it sends me a notification.


Is there a way I can check the status when it rolls into this schedule to tell me that the door was left open prior to when my schedule kicks in?  

I am sure I am just approaching this wrong.  Thanks for any help!



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So to make sure I am doing this correct, I would say, this:

?If time is between 9am and 5pm

     ? If the Shop->Front Door is Open

          =>Send Push Notification "Garage Door is Open"


Just want to make sure i am doing this right. I also assume I would nest the notification under the second item? 


Thanks again!

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