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AWAY vs. VACATION temperature


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I'm trying to configure a way that I can program 2 separate settings when I am away from my home:


1) when I'm on vacation, I want my GE Concord 4 armed to AWAY, the C4 thermostat set to VACATION mode, and I have several lights that go on and off throughout the evening to make it appear that someone is home.  I've had this configuration for sometime. 


However, I would like a setting when I'm just away for a few hours that would do:

2) GE Concord 4 armed to AWAY, C4 thermostat temp set to a certain value depending on the time of year.  I don't want it set to 65 degrees when it's the middle of summer (which would be my away temperature during the winter), and don't want to allow it to drift up to 80 in the winter (80 would be my set away temp in the summer).  I'm trying to figure out a way to make sure the C4 thermostat is able to have a hot/cold setting for AWAY that is not necessarily the VACATION setting on the thermostat.

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