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Can a used 6 button keypad be installed in a 2.8 project?


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My installer told me that I could not install a used 6 button keypad into my project running 2.8. I think the issue is that the device firmware could not be updated.

Does this make sense? Should I be able to add 6 button keypads to my project?

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If the device is on embernet (the previous version of ZigBee used by Control4), the device may need to be updated to ZigBee Pro.


Current controllers (HC250 and HC800) use a different ZigBee chipset, and because of this, are unable to update the device to ZigBee Pro.


The device would need to be updated to ZigBee Pro using an older controller, then added to your project.  If your dealer does not have an older controller on which they can do this, they may not be able to update it.



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Thanks. If I hook the keypad up to power, is there a way to see if it uses Embernet or ZigBee Pro without needing Composer Pro or my dealer?

A 9-9-9 vs a 13-4-13 key press.

Dealers are rightly nervous of used kit as it can take extra time to connect to the project. Because it

1. Needs to be told to drop the old project.

2. Needs firmware updates.

3. Is broken

4. Is in zigbee not zigbee pro (a biggie)

5. Is in mini app (I bought two devices that had been abandoned in mini app mode- actually a better place than 4 in my system with no legacy controller)


It can be attached. I guess if this is a cost thing agree a trouble free install price/time (it can be remote if you are home pressing buttons) and an abandon scenario and something in the middle.

Keypads are not usually broken as their is no load to damage the device. Lightning surges can break them though.

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