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HC-500 hard drive clicking


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I have a failing hard drive on one of my older controllers.  It still works but sometimes starts the death click I've heard many times over soon before they fail.  Since this controller is used to control a TV and some lutron blinds, I really don't want to have to swap it with a HC-800 that has enough IO on it for the master bedroom.  


So here is my question, can I just grab a HD and clone it or does it need to be the exact same model and capacity for the hardware to recognize it.  Basically, is there some hardware id protection scheme on this?  Thank you.

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should be the same size or greater, does not have to be same model. years ago i cloned a media controller drive once from a friends after mine had died. worked fine no issues. i would think same should apply to hc500 but could not say 100%.

you are fortunate that yours is still working, get it cloned while it is still working most of the time.

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