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Matt Lowe

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Happened to come across this might be helpful for many


Control4 Multi Screen Wall Driver
Use/Sales Pitch
This driver is designed to control up to 20 screens in a room arranged as minor screens around a major screen.  The primary use of the driver is to enable the customer to easily swap the source displayed on a minor screen with that on the major screen.  This is most often used when customers wish to follow more than one sports event simultaneously switching the focus between games as they progress.
The driver and method described here provides the customer with the flexibility to control such arrangements using the standard Control4 UI.  The control of the major screen will enable them to both control the source currently displayed and easily swap with another screen.  It is also possible to control any of the minor screens with a separate control device (Touchpanel, App or Remote) which is great when friends come around.

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When I create the Multi Screen Wall Room, add the driver and setup as described in the instructions, the room does not list the inputs I connected in the driver within the Multi Screen wall room.  In the driver I pointed the Main display to the Main TV Room (Projector) and two of the minor displays to two separate Rooms that have the setup for the two other TV's in the room.  Based on what I read in the instructions, it should list the inputs I connected to the driver and the 3 displays I setup.  When I click on the room and check to see the inputs that are listed, It is blank.   Thanks for your help.  

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Again - what are you asking for. There are two definitions used here for video wall:

1-A wall of screens that have the ability to 'stretch' video from a source across more than one screen (all, a few, or each it'ws own signal)

2-A wall of screens with a single source (at a time) for each screen.

JAP can actually do BOTH, the multi-screen driver from C4 is NOT usable for nr 1

C4 as such however CAN do nr 1 (very well!) using:  https://www.blackwiredesigns.com/store/video-wall-experience-button/


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