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What is the Music Library?



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Yoiu may need to be more specific.

You could mean My Music - being C4's native music library, which is populated from an attached harddrive or NAS


Or do you mean Sonos' Music Library driver - that is populated via Sonos and wherever IT is set to get the info (your computer, a NAS)

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It's not My Music because that's populated and I know what it is, so it must be the Sonos driver which I don't remember setting up.  The icon is a folder with two blue musical notes overlaid entitled "Music Library" which I presume is the default name.


But if My Music is already set up in my system, isn't setting up Music Library redundant (assuming the additional source isn't needed)?   Aren't they logically the same, except one plays music through the controller and the other through Sonos Connect?

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