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2.8.1 Icon Creation


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Called up our local ISP today, got a vector file of their logo, downloaded the trial of Illustrator, and created a cable box icon driver. 

Imagine my surprise when I opened up KB and saw there's now c4zImageScaler. Oh well, at least my images will look great all the way up to 1024 px. Figured I would save someone else the frustration of going through it themselves.

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Do you at least have access to knowlegebase? There's a tab on the homepage for it that shows new articles and modifications.

19 minutes ago, jfh said:

At least you're a dealer.

Imagine being an end user with no access to any information or tools other than what you can find here. ;)

Believe me, I'm the sort of control freak that would never have Control4 unless I was a dealer.

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4 hours ago, 9800pro said:

I don't have access to dealer forum...

I hope i would be allowed soon...

Sent from my LG G2

Who is your distributor? When I worked for a distributor we sorted out dealer forum accounts within 48 hours.

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