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Programming a TV with AVR...


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Hello folks,

So i have following situation...

Few hdmi devices that go into AVR, one hdmi cable from AVR to TV.

All is working well untill i switch to TV tuner. I get sound on TV as well as sound from last hdmi input.

It's intentional that when watching TV tuner sound only comes from TV speakers.

What is the best way to assign audio and video endpoints in case like this?

Also, TV in this case is Sony 2015 W7xx series with certified IP driver. When going to Watch and then TV it doesn't switch to TV tuner, it stays on whatever was before, why is that.

I have to program when Room video device is TV then change input to Antenna on TV.

Why it doesn't switch by it self?


Sent from my LG G2

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What source do you have bound to the TV's antennae input?  If nothing is bound, it won't switch.  No experience with the Sony so not even sure if the command is available/verified.


Any particular reason why you listen to the TV speakers if you have a receiver setup?  Not knocking, just looking for the reasoning.

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Source for antenna input? Well its cable from aerial UHF antenna on the roof.

TV was to far away from AVR for optical cable and we had some issues with ARC so decided to leave it that way.

There is a cable box receiver which is used most of the time but customer also wants to have programs available trough in-house antenna system.

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Well, you'll have to add a driver to bind to the antennae input on the TV if you want the switching to happen properly.  You could just bind a modified cable box driver and use the coaxial output for the binding.  Use the TV's IR codes for channel selection, etc. in the driver.

Also, you could easily convert the optical to digital coax and then use a twisted pair extender to get back to the receiver.  i don't use ARC either as it sucks.  But going this route, you can program when X is the selected source, set X input on receiver.

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