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WTB: Axxess Industries motion detector


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44 minutes ago, vstar said:

my 2 cents if you dont need humidity the Nyce motions are much nicer :)



I appreciate the input. If you don't mind, what makes the Nyce much nicer? I was under the impression (just from reading posts that came up while searching) that the Axxess were a little bit better and also have a light meter built in.

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i like the look better personally, my comment was based strictly on appearance, sorry i should have clarified my statement. the nyce are extremely small and inconspicuous and perform well.

as far as performance of the axxess unfortunately i can not comment on that yet, i have only used card access and nyce motions up till now, and i prefer the nyce over the card access models.

i have ordered 1 axxess  and should be receiving it shortly because i needed the humidity option in a bathroom to control the fan automatically based on humidity levels. i should be receiving it shortly and then i will do some performance testing and comparison.

but if you want something that is inconspicuous then the nyce fits that bill nicely.



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i have both axxess and NYCE.  both function just as good.  NYCE is smaller.  I wanted temp/humidity in one area so I went axxess.  other areas went NYCE due to form factor.  when I walk by they both go off equally as fast, I do not see a performance difference.

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