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EA1 Connected Via Wifi



This might be a dumb question but a question none the less,

New integrator and still getting my handle on C4.  I have a basic EA1 that I have programmed in the composer.  Here's my question.  The bedroom that I would like to put it in doesn't have any network wiring in it so I am trying to connect the processor to the WIFI and control it that way.  I'm pretty sure this is a possibility because it has the antennae on the back for WIFI  I've looked in the composer for an option to enable wifi and on the back of the processor and can't seem to find anyway to accomplish this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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you don't use composer per say.  you use the associated tools.  in this case you would launch system manager and select the system there and configure it for WiFi.  Note: you have to have it connected to ethernet to configure wifi.

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