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keypad dimmer all buttons bound to light




My dealer just installed two keypad dimmers.  I want to program some of the buttons for various purposes.  As it is, every button currently controls the light to which the dimmer is bound.  I can program the buttons to do other things in Composer HE but this doesn't change the fact that the buttons *also* control the light.  So for example I push a button that I have programmed to play some music and the music plays but also the light comes on.  

This must be configurable, but not with Composer HE apparently.  In particular Composer HE does not show that these buttons do anything to lights.  That programming must be at a deeper level than I have control over.  

Is this right?  What can I do to unbind the light from specific buttons?

Thank you for your help.

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Correct. The 'cleanest' way to control a light (or lighting scene) from a keypad is to bind the button to it. This allows smooth operation, LED tracking without additional programming and much smoother ramping on press and hold.


Unfortunately, this is done under bindings, something not accessible under HE for the end user. This means that you cannot easily 'unbind' this eithert. Your dealer can.

However, there IS a 'trick' available on the CURRENT style keypads that allows you to do this.

Under monitoring, find where you can change the layout or the keypad in question: under monitoring find the keypad on the left, select it, then go to the properties tab on the right.

Press 'reconfigure' under the assembled keypad layout. Put in a new layout (even if it's identical to what you have) and reassign the buttons you want to KEEP at the bottom, leaving those you want to 'unbind' unassigned.

Please do take care here, as failing to properly assign any buttons you want to keep WILL delete all programming and connections on that button, with no way to get it back other than redoing or loading a back-up.

As always, make a backup before making changes and/or experimenting!

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