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EA1 won't access navigator on tv



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composer pro is restricted to dealers only.. even if you somehow found yourself a copy that works.. you still need dealer level training to get everything setup


and, not trying to be mean here but, you do NOT have dealer level training on control4.  


I would suggest you contact some of the dealers on here that do remote programming and setup.. and have them setup your controller for you.. and then learn from what they have done

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Ok thanks. I don't have composer pro. My engineer had it working when it was set up. I went too access through navigator other day and it wouldn't load didn't know if there was a simple solution. I will refrain from asking questions from now and just browse on here. Thanks again guys. 

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By all means ask questions.. we do want to help.. but we are weary of people who are breaking control4's license agreements etc


contact the dealer that set it up for you in the beginning and have him fix the issue.. and feel free to post on here what the problem was.. that way the next person who has the issue can just search

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