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Programming Keypads to Media Scenarios

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  I'm working to teach myself how to program within composer HE and am working to understand how to tie Media scenarios to multi-tap keypads. My main question is, is it possible to tie the pre-set sr-250 'media macros' to a multi-tap keypad (c4-kd120)? I can see how to rebuild them each time within the programming action interface, but wondered if it was possible to take the already built scenario/macro used in the sr-250 remote and use it in the programming interface?


  'Watch Living Room TV' = Power on television, set input to hdmi 1, turn on receiver, set receiver to input 4, turn on cable box, etc etc


I'd like to use the existing/built 'watch living room tv' to a keypad instead of rebuilding each step in the programming interface. Is this possible?



Thank you,



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