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Composer HE - Determine or reset multi-button or rocker switches?

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  Is it possible to review/determine/replace what was set by the installer with Composer HE on either a single rocker switch (C4-ADP120-WH) or a multi-button (C4-KD120-WH) switch? As an example, if the installer placed the same load toggle on 3 buttons of 5 for a multi-button keypad, and I only want to control the load on one button (and assign other functions to the other buttons), is it possible within Controller HE to view and update what the button is doing? Another example would be if I wanted the light level to be at 80% instead of 100% on a single rocker switch when activated, is there a way for me to relate my advanced lighting agent scene with a single tap to over-ride what the default set by the installer is?

I would have figured this would be in the programming view though if I look at the keypad buttons there, the button events are blank/empty. I searched around and am coming up short, am I looking for a capability that is not present or am I just not looking in the right place?


Thank you in advance!

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Weeeelll not quite.

No you won't be able to review WHAT was bound to the buttons, however you CAN clear the bindings for this - you just reconfigure the buttons and do not transfer their function. Or transfer only those you want to keep.

Now - connecting OTHER light loads is a different matter - it can be done via programming but it's not as clean as rebinding (which requires PRO) - clearing buttons to make them do OTHER things (ie play music, turn the house off) is not a problem however.

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