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Spring Cleaning (a little late)

Matt Lowe

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I have several items that i have been holding onto, but have not found a use for as of yet so they need to go. Please send offers and I will take best offer for each of the items


HC500 running 2.53 currently

HC200 2.2

Hc200 2.53

SR250 v1 2.53

HC1000 2.6 but i will need to bring it back down to 2.53 it has not been stable 2.6

HC300 I have about 3 of these running various versions

HC250-bl1  2.6 fully licensed

8 relays and contacts from card access, Embernet pre 2.0 only.

24u rack on casters 4 shelves

1 in ceiling dual voice coil great for bathrooms or other small spaces

1 In Wall Episode 8inch

1 In ceiling Episode 8inch

Planet Ultra high power AC WIFI AP

Linksys flat router

Maybe up for sale 24 port unmanaged luxul switch

3 xap 310 access points and their poe switch

Sony Blu-ray

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