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Virtual temp sensor


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I dit not tried variable manipulator driver yet.

But i found something.

With IPevents driver and temperature display driver (free both) .

I 've a script on the LAN which send request everytime temperature change With the value of temperature inside.


In C4 programing, i've this kind of script:

If (IPevents) TEMPLIVING23 so, put 23 in temperature display.

And this, for each temperature value.

It works good but its heavy and without decimal...

So, i continue to search another solution.

The good one is use variables.

I've created TEMPLIVING variable and try to set its value With an http request.

I tried:

Http://IpC4:8080/C4:setvariable(TEMPLIVING, 23)

But It does not works....

I continue.

Maybe an idea?

Ps: sorry for my english is not m'y maternal language ;-)

Envoyé de mon E5823 en utilisant Tapatalk

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