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Media Scenes: Tracking



A great thing about Advanced Lighting Scenes is the tracking feature.  You can specify conditions under which the scene is considered active or inactive.  This facilitates lots of programming.  

I like to use Media Scenes as well.  And in Composer HE, media scenes have some checkboxes under "Track" for various conditions.  However the Track options for Media Scenes don't seem to be documented anywhere and I am not sure exactly what they do.  It would be great to be able to specify that a Media Scene is inactive, say, when one of the rooms in the scene is turned off. 

Does anybody know what Track does in Media Scenes?

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tracking would be used for automated options like say activating a lighting scene when the media scene is activated. however there are different ways to program this same function.


you can also program on the room off of a room to deactivate a media scene just as well.

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