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Sending HTTP PUT requests from LUA


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Hi there,

I am trying to write a small driver that allows me to call the LIFX smart bulbs API to activate/deactivate light scenes.

Unfortunately, the damn API wants to receive PUT requests.  In the driverworks documentation I only see support for GET and POST.

Does anybody know if there's a way to send a PUT request from LUA code in a driver? Maybe someone has some code to share? :-)

Other than invoking curl on the controller, of course...


Thanks in advance,



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Thanks, this was easier than expected!


function ActivateScene (Scene)
   local http_headers = {}
   http_headers["Authorization"] = "Bearer " .. Properties["LIFX Cloud token"]
   URL = "https://api.lifx.com/v1/scenes/scene_id:" .. Scene .. "/activate"
   C4:urlPut(URL, "", http_headers)


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