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Simple FireTV Driver Remote Update


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I've got a pretty good integrator here in OKC, but I'm having trouble pinning them down for a quick task.  Right now when my firetv goes to sleep I'm not able to wake it up using my control4 remote via the IP Driver.  I believe it is a software issue because I'm still able to wake the firetv up using the firetv remote.  I also noticed via the composer app that I've got the earliest version of the houselogix driver.  I believe there have been like 5-10 driver updates and it sounds like some of them address the sleep issues.

Would a remote integrator be able to download the driver update and install it for me without me having to purchase a new license?  If so, are any integrators open to doing such a small job remotely? 

I believe this is the driver I have:


I think I'm on version 1.4 or something like that. 

Any insight or remote offers would be appreciated.

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Can any dealer do this, or only my local dealer who installed the driver the first time?  If a new dealer does it, do I have to re-purchase the original firetv driver?  If not, I'm interested in a dealer remotely installing the update and the Houselogix auto update driver.  Hopefully as soon as tonight.


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Now my HTPC MyMovies driver has stopped controlling WMC.  I think in general I need several driver updates, and may possibly be behind on Control4 updates.  I'm still struggling to get a response from my local dealer.  Would anyone be interested in the work remotely? 

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