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Domosapiens 2.8 IT-100 Driver


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I have the latest Domosapiens 2.8+ driver for the IT-100

in the old driver it was easy to program things based on "home" or "stay" status on the alarm.  I see the options on the new driver for disarm and alarm, but not for stay/home.

Where am I missing what should be a simple feature/option?

Want to play with the LED status lights on some switches based on the status of the alarm.

Would you put it in the panel > variable for home_state so its "when variable panel home_state changes" because its not when it "changes" its really just when its home do this and when its disarmed do that.  Disarmed is already programmed and its easy to find, when I click on the partion I see alarm, alarm clear, disarmed, armed, partition state, arm failed, disarm failed, emergency triggered.  in the past one would see home in this area too.

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I don't have my laptop at home with me, but I have this driver and as far as I recall it was pretty easy to do... I seem to recall there were 2 main places one programmed against. One was a drop down box of options in the main driver and the other was a radio box in the partition sub item. It should be in one of these two places... if you are still stuck, I can have a look in 24 hours or so when I have my laptop at home with me.

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1 hour ago, thecodeman said:

I dont have the IT100 anymore, but try 

Values for "PARTITION_n_FULL_STATE_SEE_DOC" variables:

-2 (Busy or Unused)

-1 (Disarmed, Not Ready)

0 (Disarmed, Ready)

1 (Exit Delay)

2 (Armed Away)

3 (Armed Stay)

4 (Entry Delay)

5 (In Alarm)

both options worked - thanks guys!  My Composer had some windows collapsed and under the trouble start/clear I could not see a drop down box - oops!

I did try thecodeman's method and that did work too - thank you both!

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