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Buying in the states and using in Europe


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I have a control 4 network setup in my house (controller 300) and it is used only for video and audio at the moment.

I am intending to add lighting functions to it,

My question is if i buy the control 4 dimmer and lighting switches in the states will they work in europe or will the voltage difference be an issue??


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We have Zigbee switch compatible with Control4 for EU standard 220-240V


Our standard warranty is 5 years all faulty devices during warranty we will replace with new one.

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But that is not a reason to be more than doubly expensive here in Europe.

I have issue with most of clients because they check price on internet and give up of control4 system.

Most of them they saying that i'm to greedy and same thing charge two times more than it is in USA.

This will destroy market in EU for Control4 Systems because EMEA Control4 prices are to high and of course monopoly that they make on EU market.

I believe that most of you from EU will agree with me.

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3) part of the reason the price is higher for C4's lighting (note I said part) is that it's completely different hardware

Has this been tested or is it what you/we've been told :-) Before C4 sold one model to both 110 and 240 regions

? No they didn't have one model.

The 110 version wouldn't physically FIT in european installs, same in reverse.

I mentioned specifically that it's PART of the reason.

Issue isn't only diferent hardware for obvious reasons but also different electrical codes etc.

Yes there are other reasons - many of them.

Some may be C4, some are out of their hands (tax, eco fees, license fees). Some are just market based.

Not saying it's fair or unfair there's a difference, nor that the difference in price is reasonable, but keep in mind that the north american and european models are very much DIFFERENT devices - so a direct comparison in price is much like comparing the price of an apple to that of an orange - and wonder why the apple across the street is cheaper than the orange you want.

Again - i'm not commenting on the reasonability of it all, just pointing out PART of the reason.

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