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Hardware pricing?


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Would someone mind posting the 'list' price of each of the control 4 hardware items, or if that is not easy to copy and paste, then specifically the following items:






7" portable touch screen

10" portable touch screen

4" in-wall touch screen

7" in-wall touch screen

10" in-wall touch screen

2/3/6 button keypads

LCD keypad

Wireless dimmer

Wireless switch

Control 4 system remote

I am considering purchasing a large system from a local dealer and was wondering if dealers provide any sort of discount off of list prices based on the volume of orders?

For example, I am planning on getting:

1 10" portable touch screen

1 7" portable touch screen

3 7" in-wall touch screens

1 4" in-wall touch screens

4 HC-200

1 HC-300

1 C4-16AMP3-B


4 CCZ-T1-W

20-30 light switches/dimmers

8 3-button keypads

2 Control 4 remotes (are these even needed if I have a universal?)

The dealer is also installing about 15k in wiring during the home construction. In addition I would probably be purchasing one media room installation with 7.2 surround speakers, 110" projector screen, projector, receiver, and possibly a second room with similar equipment.

Thanks for any help you can offer, I just want to make sure Im not overpaying, particularly if delaer's here are willing to offer a discount on the equipment (to be fair, I havent even priced this out with the local dealer, I just want an idea before I go in).

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I think you'll be lucky to have any dealer post the list prices on this forum. You may be better having a couple of dealers come round and give you quotes.

The remotes are needed, to control the on screen navigation also these remotes use Zigbee and not IR

Why wouldnt they price MSRP? That's even on the C4 website for some things.

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Yeah I would hope posting MSRP wouldnt be an issue. Also, if any dealer doesn't want to post here directly then please drop me a PM at the AVS forums (username: flight23) with pricing. If I can get a better deal from a non-local dealer I have no problem purchasing elsewhere.

c44me: Give me a good reason for a 6 button keypad and I may get some. As of now most of the keypads will be used simply for distributed audio volume control (up/down - 2 buttons) and on/off (third button). Most of the other controls I will be using the LCD screens of which there will be 2 in-wall upstairs, 1 portable and 1 in-wall on the main floor, and 1 portable and 1 in-wall in the basement. I cant really think of a reason Id need many 6 button keypads.

Also, if any users here are willing to post MSRP or the deals they got on equipment that would probably be just as helpful if not more than specific dealers, not just for me, but for everyone.


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I use the 6-buttons for lighting scenes and garage door control.

i.e. the bottom left button on any 6-button in my house turns off all the lights. The bottom right button shows whether my lights are in 'auto lights' mode, where as I walk around the house, lights ramp up when motion sensors trigger.

The top two buttons are my two garage doors, I can see at a glance that they are both closed, and close or open either one with the button.

The other two trigger lighting scenes.


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I would but RyanE beat me to it :)

I use mine for all kinds of scenes (music, lighting, pj movies, tv) and combos of the aforementioned. there are limitless applications and there is a nice pedastal dock for the 6-button so it can be placed in discrete locations, such as a nightstand or next to a couch etc etc. A good dealer can help you with this vis a vis your layout.

If you dont get the pricing you need you can always check Ebay for going street prices ;)

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Thanks... can you give me a link to the 6 button? Are you referring to the keypad or is there a 6 button remote? The pedestal comment is what threw me off... I thought the only 6 button was the in wall.

There is a plastic pedestal/housing that you can purchase that is a one gang box.You can put a 6 button (or 3button) in this housing and plug it in to the wall for power. It is a nice little way to give someone a 6 button right on their nightstand.

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