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speakerphone question


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Speakerpoint, speakerpoint, damn autocorrect.

I have one of these in my system since 2.53

Originally connected by cat only so digital media sent to it.

When I moved to an hc800 I connected it to rca outputs on the hc800 physically and bound thar in composer.

If I check the advanced music services it goes mute, no music. Do I need to delete the digital media bindings to it to fix that?

I can experiment but thought asking the brain trust first would be a good start.

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Having a speaker point in a project will disable advanced audio...if that is what you are referring to.

But if it is effectively wired as a dumb amp I thought I could override advanced audio being disabled because of that.

It's in my rack with a direct audio in from analog 2 on the hc800. And bound.

But the old digital bindings persist in the project.

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