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iPad/PC listed as navigators

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Yeah, but that requires 4Sight and I'm somewhat against paying for subscription services.  I set myself up a secure VPN for connecting in.  I came to your conclusion on my own after some additional digging and just wrote myself a basic IFTT driver so I can trigger C4 system events into IFTT push notices on my devices.  I have a DMZ web server setup that I can use to route IFTT triggers into the system as well, but I haven't come up with a good use for that yet.

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Just now, msgreenf said:

you are in trouble in today's world.


I know... but as a software engineer, I tend to look at things in cost/benefit analysis.  If I want it enough to pay for it, then I have to evaluate what the long-term cost of the service will be against my personal time in writing my own version of it.  It took me about 20 minutes to setup the VPN.  Another 20 minutes or so to get IFTTT working.  So at the cost of less than an hour, the only thing I don't have from 4Sight is the Apple Watch app access.  While nice to have, if I really want to go that far, I'll connect my C4 system to HomeKit and use that on the watch, but for now, I'm not really missing it.  Plus, with IFTTT working via my own driver, I now have that to play with.

I was just hoping there might be a simpler way before I through a couple of hours into tinkering. :)

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