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Push notification; where are they stored?



I have 4 sight
I have a push notification for my alarm. Configured by me installer but it also appears on composer HE 2.8.2.

I tested it and it works: message received instantly on my iPhone.
For future reference, where is it stored on my phone? 

Added info: I did find a copy at "customer.control4.com/"  under:  Devices, Event.
But is there a faster way on my iPhone?

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Some distinctions that I use.

Push notifications are used for non-critical information

                 Irrigation running

                 Garage Door Closed

                 Welcome and away messages

I set up a new email just for control4 messages as a sort of archive

                Security alerts

                Garage door open or left open

                Doorbell events 

                Irrigation not running

                Vacation Home or Away

What this allows is stuff that i dont care for i can easily swipe away and forget. For anything that is critical I have an archive in my email that is only for control4 that i can easily search filter and compare.

Doorbell is great with snap shots so that if i am not able to get to a camera when it happens I can always refer to images taken at that time.


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