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Cheapest switch solution



There are a few areas in my home such as the laundry room where I just want the cheapest possible solution to be able to turn it off and on. I'd like to be able to hit a button in my bedroom to make sure all the lights are turned off.

From what I understand, the aux keypad, and the older 2 button keypad only work with 3-ways.

Is the SW2-Z my cheapest option?


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I use Lutron cassetta for my lighting loads I don't really care much about. I also use wireless contact sensors from my alarm panel on three and four way switch setups to trigger a lighting scene when the sentor toggles states.  Much cheaper than keypads for ancillary control. 

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It depends on the dimming requirements for the LED lighting, the lighting load total wattage, and the firmware on those dimmer.

The TDIM1 is only reverse-phase dimming. The LDZ-101 is only forward-phase dimming. Some LED loads support forward-phase dimming, but most are reverse-phase. 

Adding up your lighting load total wattage, the minimum load on the TDIM must be higher than 10W.

Both of those dimmers were released years ago, and natively were on Embernet firmware (not ZigBee Pro). To update the firmware to ZigBee Pro requires a HC-class controller on OS 1.8 through 2.5.3 (no higher). If you're paying a dealer for time to go through the hassle of updating the firmware, a current dimmer is probably worth the money.

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