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For Sale HC-300, Audio Matrix , Dimmers, etc All new


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Hi, i am trying to sell the following items:

8 2 Bottoms Keypads

3 3 Bottom keypad

2 Switches

14 Dimmers

1 Thersmostat

2 Keypad LCD

2 ethernet mini touch

2 HC-300

1 In Wall 10.5

1 Wifi Speaker Point

2 Outlet Switches

1 Audio Matrix V2

3 remotes v2

All Items are new , write to me at irintad@gmail.com if you are interested.

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I wouldnt buy anything from her if she has anything left. I purchased a large majority of her items but she is impossible to reach via any contact method and still has not sent me 10 dimmers and 2 outlet switches that she owes. I had to do a chargeback on my credit card to recoup the money, fortunately I paid via Paypal.

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Caveat Emptor.

Purchasing equipment off ebay does a lot of things.

No Warranty.

You do not know what version the equipment was using. Some are not backwards compatible.

Control 4 actually shuts a lot of these sales down when found.

Truly, what are you saving if the piece(s) purchased are not compatible with your system.

Equipment does not work for let's even say for the length of a warranty time that a new piece is sold for.

Even a brand new piece may have a bug. This has happened to me with shipments from C4.

At least I can get an RMA.

I didn't state this to cause or induce a conflict or debate. Nothing Personal meant to anyone.

Strictly Business.

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Control4 shuts down ebay sales of ComposerPro, and if it finds a dealer selling Control4 products, it will typically cut them off.

If it's an end user selling Control4 product that they've purchased themselves (selling the system, etc.), Control4 doesn't really have much of an option, being once you've purchased product, you own it, and can resell it. Of course, there isn't that much Control4 gear being sold by end users, as most of them like it once it's installed... :)

However, K&J is completely right about the warranty and possibly incompatible versions of equipment purchased off of eBay. The warranty is not available for product purchased on eBay, as warranty is handled through an authorized dealer channel, and there is also no tech support or dealer support for that matter. So when the dimmers you purchased for your 1.3.2 system on eBay are on 1.6.x or later, and you can't add them to your system (and a dealer would have to come out, upgrade your system and then add them for you), good luck with that.


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