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Alexa & Media Scene Requirements?




I am trying to enhance my integration between Alexa and Control4.  Viewing other posts on this forum it sounds like the 'Voice Scenes' driver is required to control media scenes through Alexa. Will I also need the Echo driver too?  I've found references to both but they are from last year so I'm not quite certain which components are actually needed now that there is official Alexa integration.

Currently I have a workaround by telling Alexa to turn on a light that's not plugged in which then executes a script, however this is one sided and I would prefer the capability to give on/off commands.

Lastly, I found the 'Voice Scene' driver, but I cannot seem to locate the Echo driver.  My understanding is that Control4 has their own, in addition to a couple other 3rd party drivers which are available?




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You only need the echo dot driver if you are using the audio out of the dot so that you can make the virtual binding in composer. Otherwise it is not needed.

You're terminology is confusing otherwise. You state media scene (as in the agent). Is it safe to assume you are referring to the Voice Scene driver ?

I would recommend you peruse KB 1746, 1751 and 1890.

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Thanks d1amund, sounds like the ticket.


thegreatheed, I'm looking to say things like the following "Alexa, turn on/off the <apple tv>,<fire tv>,<xbox>" etc.  I'd also like the ability to say "Alexa, turn off the entertainment center." Basically mimic, the media "watch", "listen" and "room off" options on the remote, but through voice.

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