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All the Card Access items are SOLD.
Sorry for those who where asking, I didn't realize the person who bought them emailed right after I post the items for sale (first come, first serve).

I'll try to be faster with emails and posting question next time.

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I do believe everything is running Zigbee Pro when the update to 1.8.2 was installed from 1.7.4. But please do ask around to confirmed. 
Right now everything is running 1.8.2, because I have the installers software and was able to add and remove, or change anything I needed.

My system has always worked, and I have never felt the need to upgrade the software to anything higher and be locked out of something I own. So I really don't have any idea if my hardware running 1.8.2 is compatible with any of the C4 newer software or hardware. 

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