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  1. Here's what I did JSTRONG Is this what you you said to do?
  2. I just realized that I never responded to this VINCELdUB. I suck. This was so helpful and I absolutely used it. Sorry for not giving you credit or thanking you for your work on it. It led me into doing some more custom icons and I learned it because of you. Thanks again
  3. That makes sense. I was thinking of it more like a single Pandora stream that happens to be playing in N number of rooms...I wanted to simply cut the stream (cut the head off) and all rooms would stop playing...like how you can click the Power icon in the top right? on a touchscreen and simply kill the steam...which turns off the stream in all rooms. But I can start thinking of it as you describe. Thanks a ton
  4. Thanks for the suggestion...I have the room control driver installed...but I still didn't think turning off a room was the right way as I wanted direct access to the active session. I think my computer science programming background is making my OCD go into overdrive.
  5. What is the best way to pragmatically stop an active session which happens to be playing in multiple rooms? Specifically, someone in the house plays Pandora and puts it in 3-4 rooms, and inevitably all room's volumes are turns down...so no one knows that Pandora is actually playing. We go to bed and the morning alarm radio doesn't work...because it sees that Pandora is already active and playing. I would like to shut down all active sessions at bedtime. I believe I could generically just turn off all rooms...but that doesn't feel right. I feel like there should be access to Active Sessions, and simply kill the session...and that would stop playing in whatever rooms it's currently playing in. Am I thinking of this all wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  6. I have a "Low Volt" switch that simply tells my fireplace to turn off or on. The back of the current switch simply has 1 line into the switch and another line out of the switch. I was told by my electrician, that it is a "Low Volt" switch. He basically grabbed the switch and was touching all over it and said "see it doesn't shock you". Freaked me out. Would the "Wireless 0-10V Dimmer" work? https://www.control4.com/docs/product/wireless-0-10v-dimmer/data-sheet/english/latest/wireless-0-10v-dimmer-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf Thanks
  7. Thanks South Africa C4 user I agree this would be a great feature and it sure would help in troubleshooting.
  8. I'm troubleshooting an issue with a particular timer and it seems real difficult to do when all I can see if if the timer has started or is stopped. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to see the value of a timer in near real-time. I'm fairly sure I can use Alan's Events driver, but I was hoping to see an actual countdown in near real-time. Thanks for any suggestions
  9. when I search for "Security Courtesy Light" I get nothing specific.
  10. BTW where is this "Security Light Driver" dcovach? I've looked and can't find it
  11. weird...not sure how but the topic got duplicated ACTIVE TOPIC:
  12. NOTE: I moved the "Take Snapshot" from the Timer to the first thing done when motion is detected. Video of the issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/raq7zrp06myrzxk/Video Mar 24%2C 2 12 59 PM.mov?dl=0
  13. Here's another tidbit of crazy info about this craziness. If I look at the advanced lighting scenes, I can see the snapshot SHOULD be working, as the lighting scene that is ACTIVE is not actually active. Example, if the "Master Lamps" scene is on prior to the FrontDoorNotification be executed, I can see that the "z_FlashLights" scene is activated for the duration of the FrontDoorNotification Timer, and then it re-activates the "Master Lamps" scene...but it's not actually doing it, it just says it's active. If I physically click the "Active Scene" button on the lighting scene that is supposedly already active, it will then activate correctly.
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