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Add rooms to session vs. Set value to CURRENT SELECTED DEVICE

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Adding room session xxxx to yyyy applies to digital media.  That programming means room xxxx is joining whatever digital media yyyy is playing. Not all a/v devices are considered a digital session in c4 (although you would think).  Analogue audio that has been input into a controller or matrix would need the 2nd type of programing you mentioned.  

If you're trying to program a room to be able to join another room, regardless of the media type, you can custom program analogue audio inputs and digital media to distribute when they're playing.  This would make all programming consistent for adding rooms to a session.  @Cyknight wrote sample programming to do this in another thread a few years ago.  I had a similar question and his programming worked.

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This is a cut and paste from a while back.  It works...


IF room a is on

-IF room a current selected device is NOT digital media {go to the room -> current selected device, conditional tab : Is !=[room with digital media driver->digital media]

--Set CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE room b to the value of room a CURRENT_SELECTED_DEVICE {you find this part by going to room b, break out the "room variables" + sign - Note the DOUBLE indenture here of 2 IF statements}

--<repeat that last line for every room you want to have join>

--stop {this stop is important or odd things can start occuring, it's under programming control}

IF room a is in a session {you find this be selecting "Digital Media" under actions and going to conditionals - usually found in the room your controller is in}

-Add rooms room b,c (etc) to room a session {Commands tab of same "Digital Media"

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Thanks for this post from 2017.  Very valid.

In the case that you want an explicit "+Room" programmed using Composer, you can remove the IF statements.

For example, I created a Meditation playlist (about one hour) of songs for bedtime relaxation and falling asleep.

The routine is pretty easy: Create a time for one hour.  Program the timer so when it stops turn off the rooms audio will be in.   Then program (I used a custom button) your playlist to play in the room you like.  Prior to putting in the explicit play this playlist for the room I set it's current volume appropriately.   Works great.

Now, I wanted to subsequently add a room (say was Bedroom, now add Bathroom).  Easy to just add one line to set current volume in bathroom, and go to Digital music and find Bedroom session and add Bathroom.  Works and just needed to add Bathroom to be off at end of timer as well.


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