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  1. Doubt it. Dealer had multiple texts from other clients showing same issue (no control in app, website acts like you have no subscription, name, equipment, etc. and in about 30 minutes resolves itself). I don't believe in coincidences that 5-6 people all have firewall issues. Dealer said he feels C4 is doing some things that are causing this to happen.
  2. No, it's C4 connectivity at it again... got it back working in about 25 min so we're looking at ~30 minutes of app being non-responsive and the C4 login spinning because it doesn't connect and even shows it doesn't have your information in your profile or devices. Once the C4 website starts working (e.g., shows your info) again, the app does in about 5 more minutes.
  3. Now having issues with no one's app able to connect to a room. We had music playing and so that continues to play, but cannot control anything. And again, logging into Control4.com just spins. Definitely some intermittent issues happening these days.
  4. Had 3 sessions going and boom...all turned off. Not really, just no audio. Amps still on, internet fine, EA-5 reachable. Music scanning works. Just no source actually plays out music to speakers now. Pinged dealer and waiting...also noted that logging into control4.com just spins.
  5. Getting a lot of latency and/or no connections when using the 3.0 app for my now upgraded 3.0 system. Every time the app is opened, it displays "Waiting for" message for at least 30 seconds. Now, my wife wanted to look for her music stations and it flat out timed out as system unreachable. Anyone else getting this level of latency?
  6. Outside of projector housing (as we intend to have ours on the top of our bulkhead with nice weather, and just take down inside when done), was wondering about conveying a movie's picture to the projector, and sound to the EA5 or audio matrix so it can be directed to the outdoor speakers C4 controls. What are my options over wifi (no ethernet run, just power) for projector, source as local device that can push audio separate or play from networked device (DLNA, Plex), and again picture to projector, audio to C4 room audio.
  7. Got Composer HE 3.0 and it's backward compatible and looks literally the same (no UI changes to Composer, sigh...when will it get out of the 90s!??!?!). As we have a mega party going on this weekend here, I'll defer the EA5 upgrade, but my dealer says good things about it.
  8. Does that mean C4 will work with Google Nest Hub Max? I got the Chowmain IFTTT driver so I'm really hopeful that might work if main integration doesn't as the Alexa devices are just not doing it for me lately and GNHM has some promise.
  9. I like this as SnapAV makes a lot of components that are in typical C4 rack builds like switches, rack itself, etc and this could lead to some better supported security products like cameras.
  10. Is this happening each and every time or just once and while on some days? I ask because from time to time iHeart and Pandora seem to do what you say, but it's for a day every 60 days or so.
  11. I've noticed quite a delay if I program for a playlist in my music to be issues to a room(s). Whereas if I use the app to select a room, then pick a playlist the delay is about 12 seconds before my triad fires up the passive amp for the room. So in my AM routine, when I pick a playlist I do this: Set Shuffle to ON for room Master Select the playlist "Easy Morning Listening" in Master Add rooms 'Kids, Bathroom' to Master session Then we usually have to wait 2 to 3 minutes...very odd. Any thoughts on why playlist selection is so slow/delayed if programmed?
  12. I opened up the EA-5 in Windows Explorer (via Composer Tools, System Diagnostics, Logging, View Destination - to avoid needing username and password) and found a lot of songs in the media/net folder aren't showing in Composer's Network File Storage, Audio Media listing. I have entire Discography's of artists in folder order and songs that are FLAC with bitrates that are around 770 or so, so not too high. They have metadata there like artist and album and genre and song name. Additionally, if you look in your controller's db directory there should be 4 db files (history, mm, pandora, playlist) but you might have others if you use Spotify, etc. Anyway, mm.db is the SQL database for your media. If you have a SQLlite reader, and I do, you can open this and view what's actually in the database. I noted that the music files missing in Composer are there on the /media/net folder, but not in /db/mm.db Now I gather then that in Composer you are viewing the tables in mm.db and not the directory media/net. Thus the scanning problem is for me: 1) Subsequent to a scan copying songs from my NAS to the controller's media/net folder, action to load media into the mm.db database from /media/net folder is not executing. This could be a lock on a table or a driver or process as I don't see what process reads from media/net and inserts or deletes from mm.db So I decided to open the mm.db and look at the tables and was able to get songs into Composer that way. You need to insert rows into the tables of album, song, album_song,and song_docs. Triggers take care of other tables. Be careful that you exactly match the location of the file on Media/Net to the folder location of the song. It has to start with the folder name below your NFS source name name in the directory structure of media/net/source_name/THIS FOLDER! E.g. mine were in Lossless folder so my locations have to be "Lossless/..." You can be guided by the existing rows in album_song.
  13. Thanks for this post from 2017. Very valid. In the case that you want an explicit "+Room" programmed using Composer, you can remove the IF statements. For example, I created a Meditation playlist (about one hour) of songs for bedtime relaxation and falling asleep. The routine is pretty easy: Create a time for one hour. Program the timer so when it stops turn off the rooms audio will be in. Then program (I used a custom button) your playlist to play in the room you like. Prior to putting in the explicit play this playlist for the room I set it's current volume appropriately. Works great. Now, I wanted to subsequently add a room (say was Bedroom, now add Bathroom). Easy to just add one line to set current volume in bathroom, and go to Digital music and find Bedroom session and add Bathroom. Works and just needed to add Bathroom to be off at end of timer as well.
  14. Just a question... I wanted to ensure "my music" is linked to the right Network File Storage path. So in Composer there is the action to program the path and it takes text. Is it in the format of \\share\folder or IP address or ???
  15. On 2.10.6 and problem keeps occurring as 'Scan Now' does nothing (aka Director Status: Idle). Used Space for Media Graphics: 240 / 1000 MB Total Used Space: 2481 / 5920 Files to Scan: Devices: Networked File Storage (checked); Extensions: MP3 (Audio), FLAC (Audio). [CIFs share from FreeNAS to IP of the controller has always worked and we can play music just fine from music library] Checked 1st and 4th options (Use Online Media Lookup... and Update media database.... I was trying to add some mediation music for bedtime and though it's in the audio share I've always used, Control4 Composer 2.10.6 does not scan.
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