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  1. I tried doing this: change the NETBIOS name of your NAS to it's IP address. Then, it worked for me.
  2. I did a hard reboot of the Controller and when it came back up, Spotify Connect works. I just really am not a fan of their architecture. Now I just wish the Hunter Douglas shades could get working...
  3. Cannot get C4 to work with shades since HD dealer replaced all of my shades. Host: IP of Gen2 Hub:3000 Content-Type: application/json Connection: close [ Trace ] [04/28/21 10:16:52] [3681] [ String ]: Connection.connect: table: 0xa7871c0 [ Trace ] [04/28/21 10:16:52] [3682] [ String ]: Connection.connect: table: 0xa7871c0: Connecting [ Trace ] [04/28/21 10:16:52] [3683] [ String ]: Annex4.ExecuteCommand[LUA_ACTION] [ Debug ] [04/28/21 10:16:52] [3684] [ String ]: ACTION:RETRIEVE_SHADES [ Trace ] [04/28/21 10:16:55] [3686] [ String ]: OnTimerExpired [ Trace ] [04/28/
  4. Not a fan of Spotify Connect at all. Wish is was more like user/password and then go to C4 app and just pick music like Pandora, Amazon Music, etc. Anyway, we have family plan and In C4 Home Edition gave Spotify Connect Name "C4 Spotify" with Auto room(s) selected. When I open Spotify on my phone I can pick music, then pick C4 Spotify. Then it plays for about 2-3 seconds and stops.
  5. I didn't think he was serving from Windows, rather can connect FROM windows but not from C4. My Network File Share stopped working; it was perfectly working as of about a week ago, and no updates have pushed. If I try to "Connect" from C4 I get "unable to connect to the network share" I'm not sure where to begin but checked that NFS, SMB are on and my C4 IP is permissioned as it was.
  6. Which is ironic as there isn't an Apple thing at all.
  7. I would assign a custom button to each room you want the microphone to play out in those ceiling speakers. Button does: 1. Turn on room audio at present volume 2. Assign constant audio matrix input (to microphone's input) 3. Assign that room's audio matrix output Once that is done if you have an amp it's downstream from the matrix so you might not need a pre-amp for the mic. But don't be in the room you want to microphone with. You'll pick up your voice from the speakers into the microphone and cause a loop: no bueno. #1 rule in music is never point microph
  8. <rant> 3.2.1 update! Lovely... all music stored on NFS is gone so I have to scan my entire music library (again) and rebuild all playlists from scratch. To make matters worse, C4 still refuses to make an Apple version of Composer HE, I guess they don't think their ownership base uses Apple much. Now have to dig out some old Windows laptop to do this (or anything related to C4). </rant>
  9. Why do you need it in Composer? My situation is a rooftop projector whereby we wanted audio to hit the outdoor speakers there (already the speakers are C4 enabled). So instead of a projector to hold the content we're doing an ethernet run to the roof from C4, to terminate as HDMI without sound to the projector which just needs power on and focusing and input control. At the C4 main controller the other end is terminated in HDMI as well so it comes from a splitter which has the audio hitting the outdoor speakers's amp inputs. The splitter comes from HDMI from an Apple TV
  10. In your Composer HE, try looking at Monitoring mode, then scroll to wherever you find all of your stuff like EA-5, My Music, Spotify Connect and Amazon Music should be there. In Properties tab you have Driver Version, Debug Mode, Progress Bar Updates, Authentication URL, and Account. In Actions, you can generate a link for the authentication.
  11. Well I found out it wasn't C4. It was in my NAS and I'm using MusicBrainz Picard to get back 95% of the correct Artist, Album Artist, and Album to the songs affected apparently from my wife fiddling with the music. I don't like DLNA because on my NAS (freeNAS), only Plex's DLNA is stable, but there's no search mechanism within. I've tried miniDLNA and others and none are stable products, either quitting or unable to handle 17k songs.
  12. Noticed after a restart of my controller (no music was playing and scanning was not occuring so the usual fix - reboot controller)... 1. 6500 songs were restriped with a single album and single artist when only 23 of them were attributable to that. 2. I tried deleting mm.db and that did nothing. 3. I tried deleting all songs through Composer Home Edition and it keeps leaving about 3.4k of them after selecting all and delete finishes. Tried multiple times 4. I had thought there'd be a clean way to go into mm.db (I offlined that to PC) and update album_song table to set the
  13. Chiming in (no pun intended) 2.5 years later we have Bluetooth 5.0 transmitters and receivers. Use cases: portable bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headphones, playing music from C4 on my phone, etc. I'm thinking of one of those TaoTronics BT 5.0 transmit/receive models that has Ethernet, Optical in, and 3.5mm inputs. * Suspect that it needs to be plugged into EA-5 or audio matrix optical out and then gives bluetooth range from there * Would be wonderful if it could connect from ethernet port in another room but I'm dubious about the networking (e.g., it would get an IP but no
  14. Thanks! I did a hard reboot after making sure no music was "playing" anywhere. I say that because it can indicate it is but you don't hear it so good practice to check. What I learned is this: 1. if you reboot while music is playing, you may corrupt/lock the digital music driver 2. If you're music is not being scanned and you can find a corrupted mm.db on your C4 director file explorer location, you should reboot. I did and music resumed scanning.
  15. I was told to Reboot the Director if Music scanning is doing nothing. In plain English - is Director the C4 Controller appliance?
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