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  1. Just a question... I wanted to ensure "my music" is linked to the right Network File Storage path. So in Composer there is the action to program the path and it takes text. Is it in the format of \\share\folder or IP address or ???
  2. On 2.10.6 and problem keeps occurring as 'Scan Now' does nothing (aka Director Status: Idle). Used Space for Media Graphics: 240 / 1000 MB Total Used Space: 2481 / 5920 Files to Scan: Devices: Networked File Storage (checked); Extensions: MP3 (Audio), FLAC (Audio). [CIFs share from FreeNAS to IP of the controller has always worked and we can play music just fine from music library] Checked 1st and 4th options (Use Online Media Lookup... and Update media database.... I was trying to add some mediation music for bedtime and though it's in the audio share I've always used, Control4 Composer 2.10.6 does not scan.
  3. Since it seems like the Cat6 Augmented cable run from rack to room was nicked by drywall installed "somewhere" and confirmed by my dealer thru a tone test, it provides the power but unstable network connectivity. Hence, PoE is not the way to go. I think the only recourse in this case is to explore EoP (Ethernet over Power) or wifi doorbells with a local wifi extender (although most wifi extenders tend to offer a single ethernet port as well). I prefer minor surgery in this case to exploratory drywall ripping and line checking.
  4. Alas DS2 went offline again, which is to say for the 5th time. This is the second unit, with C4 sending a replacement after the 4th issue. I really wish there was a way to power these without PoE. PoE seems to suffer from event duration issues like no one hitting the doorbell button for extended periods of time and the unit just goes offline. I'm about the rip this one out again and get a Ring Pro and just chalk it up to a bad product.
  5. Pre-recorded is the only option (e.g., make a .wav or .mp3 recording then load and use in announcements targeted to certain rooms). Seems painfully obvious that in the app on our phones we should be able to pick any room and speak thru it, but alas, painfully obvious is not in C4's skill set.
  6. I'm using Plex on my Sony TV with the Plex server on FreeNAS. I used DLNA from Plex but it lacks search (Plex's DLNA client doesn't allow searching) so when in C4 I want to use DLNA I can select songs to play in a room, but cannot search. I was told to get Plex Full but for $200 and the thought that Plex 'could' add search in DLNA it doesn't seem justified.
  7. Can you elaborate on where in Composer (I'm looking at Control4 DS2 Door Station properties under monitoring) I find the SIP2 settings and numbers 1-3? Also where we setup a group. About to try this with LinPhone (free).
  8. In Composer I can go to Monitoring, look at a keypad properties and change the wording or put in a picture. "Copy name to engraving" means it's temporarily set and let the dealer know which keypad is ready for actual engraving. I suggest not engraving until you get 30-90 days of use and are certain you're ready for engraving.
  9. Cannot ping it when offline. 100% packet failure. Went to my firewall and made it a static IP. Unplugged and replugged in the ethernet and then rang it 4 times. Now shows online and works. If it keeps dropping though, it's going to the trash.
  10. Doorbell was replaced and worked briefly. Now stuck in offline and completely useless. Ordering ring doorbell 2 as whatever love my dealer has for PoE devices is overshadowing the functionality those devices provide.
  11. Several months later... DS2 Mini door station running on PoE seems to revert to offline status and 4 presses of its button briefly make it show then goes offline again. My dealer is complaining to me that my firewall is doing it, but EA5 to DS2 is LAN traffic unless C4 is not telling us something.
  12. I just went into the settings in Composer HE for my system. Specifically the Control4 DS2 Door Station and the DS2 Camera. Dealer never asked me about missed calls so I put my gmail account including SMTP and did a test and got a snapshot. Fantastic. But for the video never working here's what the tests say from Properties view, Camera Test tab: Get Snapshot URL: Testing Snapshot ... Verifying address ... Address verified. Verifying address:port ... Address:port verified. Verifying URL ... URL verified. Test passed. Get Mjpeg URL: Testing Mjpeg ... Verifying address ... Address verified. Verifying address:port ... Address:port verified. Verifying URL ... URL not verified: Failed to open video stream: Unable to load DLL 'C4ImageStreamer.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E) Test failed. Get H.264 URL: [same as Mjpeg result] So that likely explains the lack of video. Now one correction to my earlier post: I had Cat6 enhanced wired throughout which is capable of 10G.
  13. Araknis AN-210; cables are all Cat6 as I wanted future proof out to 10 years, so capable of 10G.
  14. My DS2 runs on PoE (my dealer is in love with PoE), but it's hit or miss whether it plays the announcement in my rooms and the video feed to my 7" touchscreen looks blurry like it's 120 degrees outside and humid. My my touchscreen, hitting the security icon goes to a black screen which never shows video from the doorbell. All in all everything PoE in my house has been a failure. Even the non-dealer installed video camera tha'ts PoE is iffy. For the record I do have a PoE router in my rack but I'm suspect it's really working well. I love wired, but I'd rather have power from an outlet or batteries.
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