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  1. Control4 is still too narrow-focused on US. For those of us in the US who have Euro cylinder locks from new home construction, well, C4 is great for rest of house, but for Danalock v3, Nuki2 have bizzarro to no compatibility. I'm therefore not looking for C4 integration with my smartlock. Gonna go with +1 app to control it or use Google hub max for it.
  2. Danalock V3 touts Z-Wave as well as Zigbee btw. https://danalock.com/products/danalock-v3-smart-lock/
  3. Plex also has DLNA if you're using that for your NAS.
  4. I have this issue Pandora only, and I use Android phone app for OS3. Same scenario...it shows "playing now" in the Pandora stations but nothing plays.
  5. Tried this and then needed Pushover on top of this. Complete turn off to be sold on one thing then given a requirement of another license cost.
  6. Doubt it. Dealer had multiple texts from other clients showing same issue (no control in app, website acts like you have no subscription, name, equipment, etc. and in about 30 minutes resolves itself). I don't believe in coincidences that 5-6 people all have firewall issues. Dealer said he feels C4 is doing some things that are causing this to happen.
  7. No, it's C4 connectivity at it again... got it back working in about 25 min so we're looking at ~30 minutes of app being non-responsive and the C4 login spinning because it doesn't connect and even shows it doesn't have your information in your profile or devices. Once the C4 website starts working (e.g., shows your info) again, the app does in about 5 more minutes.
  8. Now having issues with no one's app able to connect to a room. We had music playing and so that continues to play, but cannot control anything. And again, logging into Control4.com just spins. Definitely some intermittent issues happening these days.
  9. Had 3 sessions going and boom...all turned off. Not really, just no audio. Amps still on, internet fine, EA-5 reachable. Music scanning works. Just no source actually plays out music to speakers now. Pinged dealer and waiting...also noted that logging into control4.com just spins.
  10. Getting a lot of latency and/or no connections when using the 3.0 app for my now upgraded 3.0 system. Every time the app is opened, it displays "Waiting for" message for at least 30 seconds. Now, my wife wanted to look for her music stations and it flat out timed out as system unreachable. Anyone else getting this level of latency?
  11. Outside of projector housing (as we intend to have ours on the top of our bulkhead with nice weather, and just take down inside when done), was wondering about conveying a movie's picture to the projector, and sound to the EA5 or audio matrix so it can be directed to the outdoor speakers C4 controls. What are my options over wifi (no ethernet run, just power) for projector, source as local device that can push audio separate or play from networked device (DLNA, Plex), and again picture to projector, audio to C4 room audio.
  12. Got Composer HE 3.0 and it's backward compatible and looks literally the same (no UI changes to Composer, sigh...when will it get out of the 90s!??!?!). As we have a mega party going on this weekend here, I'll defer the EA5 upgrade, but my dealer says good things about it.
  13. Does that mean C4 will work with Google Nest Hub Max? I got the Chowmain IFTTT driver so I'm really hopeful that might work if main integration doesn't as the Alexa devices are just not doing it for me lately and GNHM has some promise.
  14. I like this as SnapAV makes a lot of components that are in typical C4 rack builds like switches, rack itself, etc and this could lead to some better supported security products like cameras.
  15. Is this happening each and every time or just once and while on some days? I ask because from time to time iHeart and Pandora seem to do what you say, but it's for a day every 60 days or so.
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