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Binding Volume issue Pandora and Google play, amazon


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My mind is just in a fog on this:

Whats going on here is that my volume with pandora and the TV menus' like Google play, etc... revert to the TV volume but cannot be controlled. I thought I was missing a binding that was once there. This just started happening all of a sudden?  The TV volume etc. is going thru the yamaha receiver fine but not pandora, Google play, amazon video that is built into the TV. Input?

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No way to get audio from the output of the tv back to the Yamaha?

Have you tried:

Audio Endpoint1> Yamaha

Audio Endpoint2>Sony TV

Audio Volume1> Yamaha

Audio Volume2>Sony TV

Video's Audio Endpoint1> Yamaha

Video's Audio Endpoint2>Sony TV

Video Volume should be irrelevant I believe 

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@tims, you're in the wrong forum for these kinds of questions. I'm not sure who's responsible for your dealer status or privileges but they're also responsible for making sure you get all the tools you need for training. You'll get all the right answers in the dealer forum or Kb articles. I don't mean to be a sharp object, but this isn't a dealer training forum. I don't mind helping other dealers (if I have something to offer) but this isn't the place to ask "binding" questions.


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