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Advance Announcements: Programming with Variables

JP Rizal

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Is there some sort of tutorial paper, video or otherwise on how to program variable parameters when using the Advance Announcements driver?

Apologies in advanced I'm new with this driver

One, I'm struggling in getting parameters for current time.

“The current time is now”.

Two, How to get the parameters period. I did the copy and notebook paste and noted the device and owner ids but I don't think I'm getting the wrong parameters

“I got owneritem id of "-1" .

Three, How to program Advance Announcements with different audio zones.

The way I followed the example it will keep playing in the same rooms that the Advance Announcements announcement is set up. But I would like to set up diff announce for diff zones. 

I might have more questions as I go along. A tutorial would help or anyone can help me with the above is good too


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