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Reintegrating Sonos


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I use a Sonos wireless 5.1 system for one of my rooms. During my most recent device and OS upgrade, we lost my Sonos system and Music Apps (from EA-5) from my listen menu. I wasn’t home for this, so I didn’t realize it until a week later when I went to play Tidal through LISTEN.


Can someone help me configure the proper way to reinstall the drivers and rebind the music apps so they’ll reappear as choices in my navigators? I’ve read everything I can get my hands on and cannot seem to figure this one out. I assume that I don’t need all of the Sonos devices added, since right now all I have on the system is a single room of Sonos bound together as 5.1 in the Sonos app.


I’ve tried to look at an old backup to see how I had it setup prior, but don’t have one with the right date.



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I’ve gotten everything pretty well working. The particular room’s endpoints were non-existent. I rebound them and things seem to work as they’re supposed to.

One thing I can’t figure out is using the Spotify App for that room. If I choose it directly from Spotify the C4 Room won’t play. But it all plays fine choosing Spotify (or any others) from C4 OSD or the App, just not directly via launching Spotify. Could be an endpoint setup wrong?

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you need to have programming

Maybe this is supposed to be how it works? It’s been so long since it’s worked.

1. I can play my entire listen menu apps in any Sonos room
2. I cannot get sound from the apps unless they are first selected in OSD or C4 App. I swear with a room off, I feel I used to be able to open the Spotify app and choose output to C4 LR Spotify Connect or C4 MBR or C4 All Spotify Connect.

Now, I can still play music directly to these rooms from the Spotify App by just selecting the LR AVR or Master (Non C4 options for those rooms).

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