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EA3 instead of EA5. What’s the best way to add an extra music source/zone?



As the topic suggests, I may be getting a EA3 instead of the EA5 due to possible lost parcel and outside insurance time 😩 so if that’s the case I will just get the EA3.

I 100% need 4  but maybe 5 after the winter. I do have a brand new Fusion Research 3 zone music player which would create 6 audio/music zones but that might be to much really. 

i have a few Apple Airport Express pucks kicking around doing nothing. Could I use one of the Airport’s 3.5mm jack as source with the EA3 to create 4 music zones?


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Ouch. Can you add more music sources to add to the system that way, yes. That said all you'd get is airplay from your phone.

My usggestion - see if you can't find and HC800 for cheap to slave to the main controller, that'll get you 2 stereo out and a digital out to use with a DAC.


NOTE that you'll limit your sound quality a bit, though with 5 streams, it won't be by terribly much.

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That’s a shame, I was hoping the music could be ‘pushed’ somehow through the EA3. What do people normally do in my circumstance?

Could you give me a price for a EA5 please? If it’s to much I will go down the HC800 route as they cheap to pick up on eBay. 

The other option I thought of which I think is similar is to get two EA1’s where the main TV’s are and slave that way which would also mean I get the C4 OSD?


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Just noticed the EA3 has the audio outputs listed as HDMI, digital coax and analog stereo. How would that work regarding the connection to the C4 Matrix I have? 

if I bought a HC800 as a slave it would give me a extra digital coax and two extra analog to the Matrix which is perfect as there would be 5 outputs in total for my zones: Living Room, Kitchen, Master Bedroom, Large Spare and Bathroom.

Or I still have the option of using the EA3 plus Fusion Research Duet (3 sources). If I was to use the Fusion would the GUI look just the same as if I was using a HC800 slave (Album Art etc)?

What I really wanted to do was use this on my unRAID server: https://music-server.net/help/Willkommen.html


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