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I’ve been working through a bunch of issues today and got a ton of things finally working correctly. Pretty much the last thing I have is the the LISTEN icon is missing from one of my rooms home screen in OSD for one of two rooms it can be accessed from. It’s there on the App and my remotes.


My immediate reaction was to check the Navigator programming, but it all looks fine. This may have been an existing issue since I don’t really use OSD in this particular room, but I noticed it while I was diagnosing my missing LISTEN menu for that room. (Tech never reconnected endpoints). So that’s solved. The missing LISTEN icon on the Room’s OSD home screen persists.





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Even after refreshing navigator?


Yes Mitch.


Did you check bindings?


I’m certain that’s where it is. I had to create all of the bindings these techs just left unbound in that room. I’m sure I have missed one. I just don’t want to waste a ton of time if someone knows what to look for. Everything is working well and the Listen menu is on all devices including the OSD. It’s just that in particular room it’s not on the home screen.



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Viola! Woke up this morning and the LISTEN icon was magically on the room’s OSD home screen.

Looks like I’ve got everything except that odd Roku issue and the nagging network problems. (Probably caused the delay - I bet if I would have power cycled the controller it would have been fine, I don’t like to do that unless I have to ...albeit I have a scheduled reboot once a month).


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