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Bind a 2-button keypad to Card Access relay?



I've connected a card access relay to a fireplace so that it can turn it on and off through programming.  The annoying thing is that there's still a low voltage standard light switch that can be used to manually turn the fireplace on as well.  The problem is if it's manually turned on with the light switch then the card access relay can't turn the fireplace off.  

So what I've done is I've removed the light switch and put a 2-button relay in its place, and disconnected the low voltage wires.  The intent is for the 2-button relay to command the cardaccess relay to open or close.  I'd like the 2-button relay to behave like a normal light switch as well.  So when the fireplace is on I want the top LED to be Blue and the bottom LED off.  Vice versa if the fireplace is off.

I had assumed I could just bind the 2-button keypad to the card access relay in the same way you can bind it to another C4 dimmer.  That doesn't appear to be possible though.  I get the feeling I'm missing a step here.

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2 minutes ago, lippavisual said:

2 button keypad or ......?

when top is pushed, close relay

when bottom is pushed, open relay.

I'm not sure what you mean by "2 button keypad or...?"

But in terms of your programming suggestion, so far that's what I've done.  It looks like I also need to add to that changing of the LED colors to reflect the on/off state.  I guess that's not so bad.

If I ever get my Alexa driver working then I'll also need to add that programming to the Alexa event as well.  I guess that's all there is to it.



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