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FS: Full house worth of used Switches, Dimmers, Buttons, Controllers, Remotes...


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I've removed my entire C4 system and would like to sell ALL the items in ONE BATCH if possible. (Rather than dealing with 15 or 20 piecemeal sales.)

I spend an hour on eBay looking up the AVERAGE completed sale price (items that actually sold) for each item.

The total for everything came to around $2,400 - $2600 (I used the low to middle average used sale price. Not the high-end bids)

I'm willing to sell everything to one person for $800 with shipping included - ONE THIRD the going rate!

All the items work fine. The remotes admittedly aren't that nice anymore. The 260 looks fine but the 3 others (all 250s) are not in great shape. They all work but one is missing a button and pretty scratched up, one is missing the battery cover... All include the base and cable. 3 of them are the rechargeable versions.


1 - HC800 includes power cord

2 - HC250 includes power cord

1 - HC250  no power cord. Works perfect via POE


SR 260 - includes rechargeable battery

250 B-Z-B includes rechargeable battery

250 B-Z-B  includes rechargeable battery, missing back cover

250  missing button  PAGE UP button - scratched up


13 — C4-SW2-Z-x

10 — Wireless switch - LSZ-101-x

1 — Wireless switch LSZ-102


3 — C4-DIM1-Z-x

3 — Wireless dimmer LDZ-101-x

1 — Wireless ELV dimmer C4 TDIM1-z 

6 — Keypad Dimmer C4-KD120


3 — 2 button LSZ 101 

1 — 2 button  LSZ-3W1

1 — 3 button KPZ -3B1 $25

3 — 2 button keypad - C4-KP2-z-x 

3 — 3 button Keypad - C4 KP3-z-x

2 — Configurable Keypad C4-KC120277

5 — 6 button keypad. KPZ-6B1-x


Not all the switches and dimmers and such made it into the shot. So don't go by the number you count in the picture, go by the list above.





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