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Spotify: What's the learning curve?


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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone help me understand Spotify with Control4? So far, it's the worst integration I've ever seen. According to the app, I go into a room, select Spotify, leave Control4, go into Spotify, select device "Spotify" and play my music. Please tell me there is an easier way...


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you likely have it set up less than optimal. The way to optimize it is to have a Spotify connect per room that auto powers the room on and in addition have some common areas group together that auto power on a set of rooms. I do this in my house and many clients and everyone is very happy

I'm happy to help if you message me

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Do what Mitch says and it should make things easy.  I go into Spotify, select my music (on phone, iPad or PC) and start it playing.  Then, still in the Spotify app, change the device to "Spotify Kitchen", or whatever.  No need to go into the C4 UI unless you want to add additional zones to the playback.  And I often do this as well, but it isn't a huge barrier.

Would this be easier with native services like Tidal, etc?  Maybe, but I prefer the Spotify UI to the music playback UI in C4.

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There is a limit to the number of Spotify Connect drivers you can have in a project.. its either 11 or 12. This bit us hard on a job with 20-something zones of audio, we ended up having to add several small Roberts boxes to the network for the guest rooms which wouldn't be able to join the other rooms, they just output directly to the amps and are only available in their respective room.

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