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  1. Blind cables can use different gauges for power depending on the run distance. Lutron have a guide for their own blinds here http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/045314 QS WP Guide.pdf (page 9 for the wire length chart).
  2. This would be a good place to start: https://www.control4.com/docs/product/communication-server/dealer-installation-and-setup-guide/english/latest If you can't find your answer there I would talk to tech support directly (this is not an official Control4 forum so they won't necessarily see your thread).
  3. When you buy it you should also get a year of 4Sight license included which will allow you to use the apps out of the house, use Alexa, and use IntercomAnywhere (if you have the right hardware in the system).
  4. Do the channel up and down buttons currently do anything? If not, then you could possibly do it with some programming in Composer HE. I've not used the Shield before, but if the left and right commands are available as actions in the right hand side then this should work: When <ROOM> receives command Channel Up: If <ROOM> Video Source is NVIDIA SHIELD Send Command RIGHT to NVIDIA SHIELD When <ROOM> receives command Channel Down: If <ROOM> Video Source is NVIDIA SHIELD Send Command LEFT to NVIDIA SHIELD You would need to do this for each room the Shield is available in. If the channel up and down buttons do something currently, then this would execute the left and right programming as well as what the buttons currently do, which would probably not be ideal!
  5. Have you checked the connections on the room as well? It's been a while but I think there is a connection for room's security system which might need to be made for the new driver.
  6. Check under the Navigator tab for the room in System Design (where you set the Watch and Listen lists). There is a section for security where the new drivers may be hidden.
  7. That won't do the lighting, just the AV. For the lighting you need to either make a scene, then trigger it with programming, or select the individual circuits and turn them on. OP - have you tried looking through the HE User Guide? https://www.control4.com/docs/product/composer-he/user-guide/english/revision/P/composer-he-user-guide-rev-p.pdf
  8. Unfortunately the tabletop screens are quite well known for this very issue The top and bottom bars both seem to stop responding, sometimes one or the other, sometimes both.
  9. The Control4 driver documentation does state that an IP-COM is needed (I looked it up this morning for something else), but I think they may have written the documentation before the SmartCom was released!
  10. Depends on the ohmage of the amp and the speakers but 9 times out of 10 you can wire 2 pairs of speakers to 1 pair of outputs without issues.
  11. You can get around this using the local source driver so that Director only uses the TV for the room its in. ARC (not supported) is different to using the TV's audio out or headphone jack to supply audio (is supported)
  12. Control4 will specifically tell you ARC is not supported as a way of transporting audio because it can confuse Director's pathing. I have used it on a couple of jobs where any other method was impossible and it did work, but would I design for it? Absolutely not - too many headaches.
  13. What did you have to do to get it working?
  14. On a keypad would obviously be easier for them, but if needs must then a custom button on an iPad would work too. Name the Custom button menu "Demo Mode" then have a button underneath for On and another for Off
  15. There's an email address you can send the request to and C4 will make the mini-driver for you.
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