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  1. Yes, there are Heos drivers for Control4 and from what I hear it now works quite well. Control4 doesn't recommend using AVRs for multi-zone audio however, so that might be where the plan falls down. It's not that it couldn't be done, but it wouldn't be recommended.
  2. And a dealer may not want to install something they did not provide, you won't get a warranty etc
  3. The Announcement Agent will swap sources, sure, but I didn't think it hit pause before doing so though, meaning the source would continue on in the background and you will have missed some of it until the system switches back.
  4. Yes, the touchscreens can make a noise to alert you, although from past experience it isn't very loud and is often missed. If you want the doorbell sound through ceiling speakers, the music can pause then resume if programmed to do so (and supported by the source you are using).
  5. AutoCAD is industry standard and what we use for projects now, but for a quick pre-win design our sales team will often put together a rough plan in Visio. If you have an image of the floorplan, overlaying icons for touchscreens, keypads etc isn't hard. Trying to draw out the floorplan from scratch using Visio's wall, door and window shapes is a whole other story however!
  6. You and me both, but sadly he is correct. They are not even on backorder, they are unavailable at this time.
  7. If the other system can send TCP commands then you can use this driver http://www.chowmainsoft.com/generic-tcp-command to listen for the events and program off of them. It also allows you to send TCP events from Control4 to another system.
  8. Hi Juri, If the shutters/shades or gates are mains controlled then yes, the panelised lighting relay module would work to control them. However, if they are low voltage then you would want to use the relays built into an EA3 or EA5, or if you need more then you can add IO Extenders. If the devices are spread out over a wide area and you have good Zigbee, then you could also look at the Z2IO devices.
  9. If you are able to wire them, the smallest i have seen are by Faradite - https://www.faradite.com/pages/control4-overview
  10. Hi Biosdi, welcome to the forum! There is indeed an app for Control4, available for Android and iOS (about half way down the page here https://www.control4.com/os3). Spec sheets for the products are available within the menus here https://www.control4.com/solutions/catalog
  11. If a second amp is doing the same thing then it sounds like you have either been incredibly unlucky and got a second faulty amp (out of interest, what model number is it exactly?) or there is a wiring issue somewhere and a speaker cable is shorted across + and -. Check all the connections on the back for copper sticking out of the connectors would be my first place to start, and if there is any then twist it tightly and re-connect. If it still happens, disconnect all zones apart from one. Play some music in the connected zone, and see what happens. If nothing, then that zone is likely OK, disconnect and try another zone. If the fault happens, then you need to check the wiring at the speaker end for shorts.
  12. The newer Arcam AVRs NEED a firmware update before they will work well with Control4. We did an install where I had exact same behaviour as described, it was awful to use as everything was taking 5-25 seconds to respond. A firmware update made it work perfectly (using serial). We also always use serial for Arcams, having been caught out by IP control failures with the previous generation. It also means the Control4 can be online when you run the mic setup as it doesn't clash with the setup program for control of the AVR's NIC.
  13. It's because they use proxies to build all the drivers from. The drivers for lights are the same whether they are 3rd-party lights or 1st-party lights, so they don't have a way of hiding the unused section (is my understanding of it any way). Yes, same, I also find it a bit weird, and I've been doing it for about 10 years now!
  14. Pretty sure that is the same with other 3rd party lighting products. Composer is not able to change ramp times or preset levels for the lights, they have to be set on the 3rd party system. As for the sliders, I think that is the case with 3rd party and C4's own lights, the dimming level follows the slider rather than waits for you to release the slider then dims to that level.
  15. We did this many years ago for a company that did training at remote sites. They had 4 offices all running on one system from an HC1000 (thats how long ago it was). It was really slick, reception in London could start a class for the presenter in Manchester to teach students in Dublin. Other than auto-discovery not working it was really simple to do once they had the site to site VPN setup.
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