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  1. Pretty sure that is the same with other 3rd party lighting products. Composer is not able to change ramp times or preset levels for the lights, they have to be set on the 3rd party system. As for the sliders, I think that is the case with 3rd party and C4's own lights, the dimming level follows the slider rather than waits for you to release the slider then dims to that level.
  2. We did this many years ago for a company that did training at remote sites. They had 4 offices all running on one system from an HC1000 (thats how long ago it was). It was really slick, reception in London could start a class for the presenter in Manchester to teach students in Dublin. Other than auto-discovery not working it was really simple to do once they had the site to site VPN setup.
  3. There is a driver which can send and accept commands (http://www.chowmainsoft.com/generic-tcp-command), but you need to have a processor running to use it, and to be able to set that up and add the driver to the system you need Composer Pro.
  4. I would say you probably have Sonos set to Room Off after Pause for an amount of time. I can't remember the exact name of the setting, but look in the Properties page of the Sonos player and you will see what I mean. Also, you haven't nested your commands under If Salon > Fountain is on, so the Fountain and Stores/WC will always turn off, even if the Fountain is off.
  5. But most consumer level gear doesn't include balanced connections, unless you are right at the high end, or in 2 channel HiFi. Many years ago we once quoted a system for the owner of an AV Event company. He was shocked that we ran speaker cable throughout the house, he was expecting distributed XLR with amps at each pair of ceiling speakers to be the norm, as he was used to active speakers for live events. He wouldn't believe that thats not how it's usually done!
  6. As long as your source to play internally and externally is only ever going to be C4 music, the controllers are able to play the same stream from multiple outputs, so you could join an internal zone with an external zone. If you had something else playing the audio then this might be trickier. MSGreenf is correct though that a larger matrix would be a better solution and allow for more flexibility.
  7. The Araknis 310 router has an SFP port which can be used for LAN or WAN, but it only supports 1GB. For simplicity I would just use a CAT6 cable from the router to the main switch.
  8. https://www.pakedge.com/products/power-distribution/ We regularly use the rack mounted 8 output (which is 9 outputs in the US I think) version, and there is a 2 output version which might do what you want.
  9. Correct, an IO Extender would be the best way to connect all the sensors if they all wire back to the same place.
  10. Not used too many of the Control4 dimming modules myself, but just wanted to advise you to stay away from Grafik Eyes! As they are quite an old design they don't play nicely with LEDs, and have quite a high minimum load per channel and aren't completely isolated outputs, meaning if circuit 1 is switched on then you get a small current leak onto circuits 2-4 which can again cause the lights to glow or strobe when they are supposed to be off.
  11. They certainly shouldn't behave like that, so something is definitely not right. I would ask your dealer to investigate, they may need to RMA if it is faulty, or it may need the WiFi looking at for example.
  12. I'm pretty sure the warranty on all Control4 electronics is 2 years
  13. Thanks for the detail on how to do this @mujtaba.khokhar, we have job coming up with about 6 KLF200s on it and I was expecting a nightmare! Now I have somewhere to start I'm not quite so scared 😂
  14. Sounds like the driver code itself is a bit off if it is constantly reporting 100% all the time.
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