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  1. It was a buggy mess when it was supported, I think someone forgot to update their documentation
  2. Intercom Anywhere hasn't been rolled into the main C4 app on iOS yet, just Android. C4 confirmed they are waiting for approval from Apple, it is being tested by internal teams currently.
  3. https://tech.control4.com/s/article/2379 has details on all the current drivers, and an email address you can email to request new ones
  4. There is a limit to the number of Spotify Connect drivers you can have in a project.. its either 11 or 12. This bit us hard on a job with 20-something zones of audio, we ended up having to add several small Roberts boxes to the network for the guest rooms which wouldn't be able to join the other rooms, they just output directly to the amps and are only available in their respective room.
  5. We have Unleashed systems out there with up to about 15 APs (all wired, not meshed, although the meshing works nicely if you need to get out of jail). All working perfectly. Large commercial systems, or very very large residential (more than 20APs) would be where I would recommend Zone Director (we have a hotel about to install which is about 45 APs IIRC), unless you have a specific need for a feature that is only on the Zone Director systems (I think they offer more guest network options, but nothing that would ever crop up in a residential system IMO).
  6. Its available on the tech community for dealers - https://tech.control4.com/s/article/2379
  7. It also comes with 1 year of Control4's 4Site subscription, which lets you use the app to control your system remotely. If you have lights/blinds/alarm/locks/intercom etc on the system this is a very useful addition.
  8. Might be worth tagging @andrewalloys on the off chance he has email notifcations turned on for this thread - that was his first and only post and was 2 years ago!
  9. Do you remember the old media player? We sold one, realised it was terrible, and swapped it for a Dune FOC. C4 should stick to control!
  10. Nitpicking a bit but that arrow to me doesn't say "refresh", it says "back". The refresh icon in a web browser has the arrow pointing clockwise (I just checked in Chrome, Safari and Edge, all 3 icons are slightly different but all point the arrow the same way).
  11. Yes, sat/sub systems are designed to give you good coverage of an area without having to crank the volume up and annoy the neighbours. You could put a sat at each corner of the table patio, or all along the flower bed, and the sub in the flower bed too, that should be plenty to cover the Dining area. That looks like a really great space you have btw!
  12. If you are using Neeo remotes and panelised or non-c4 wireless lighting throughout then you really don't need Zigbee at all, it would only be of use for SR260 remotes and C4 wireless light switches. If you wanted SR260 remotes but not the wireless lighting then add a CA1 to each room and run ZServer on there. The remote wouldn't be able to roam the house, but in 99% of the installs I've done the remotes stay in the same room all the time any way. Just one thing that often catches people out, one of the streams of audio from an EA controller is presented on the HDMI output so needs to be converted to digital coax/analog to use with an Audio Matrix. This conversion can lead to sync issues with other zones.
  13. Yeah, if you are able to fit the sub then it would definitely be a benefit to the system. A 4" speaker can only do so much by itself!
  14. If you put audio from a video source into a controller to distribute you will get a horrible delay between audio and video due to the encoding of the audio by the controller. If you can't run wires as Pounce suggests above, you would be better off IMHO taking the audio from the TVs into the audio matrix in each area and tuning them to the same channel if you wanted the football on in different zones.
  15. Welcome to the forum! We do a lot of systems which include Hikvision 7600 series NVRs, and there are also drivers for the 9600, 7700 and 7716 series as well. Which one you pick depends on how many cameras and what amount of storage you need. Texecom Premier Elite has drivers which work well for Control4, no issues there. If possible don't use a WiFi mesh system, run hard wired Wireless Access Points (WAPs). These mean you will guarantee a good signal is broadcast. A decent mesh system can get you out of jail if you get stuck, but if you are starting from scratch and able to pull cable then you should do so. As to which system, as 10 people and you will get 9 different answers! We use Ruckus, it is solid. I have heard lots of people who rate Pakedge and Araknis, and the same amount who do not like them (and the same goes for Ruckus, Ubiquiti etc etc). An EA3 is good for 1 or 2 rooms, if you will be having lots then I would say you would be better off starting with an EA5 rather than having to spend more to upgrade later. Also worth noting that although they are called EA1, EA3 and EA5, one of the audio sources on each controller is on the HDMI output which is not always that useful. My first question is really what stage are you at? Are you building a new house, renovating an existing system, or something else? The answer to that will guide how you should proceed.
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