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  1. Heatmiser Neostats work well and integrate well, although there have been issues with using the scheduler within C4, it clashes with the Neo's own scheduler. You would need a Neohub connected to the network somewhere within range of the Neostat as well, the stats don't connect to the network directly.
  2. I THINK (and haven't used it enough to be sure) that this is what Apple's TV app is trying to do. It can show me shows from BBC iPlayer, Netflix, All4, and I assume ITV and Channel5, maybe Amazon video too, as well as Apple's own AppleTV+ service. I've only used it once, but I found a show in Apple TV, then when I went to play it (on my iphone) it opened the iPlayer app and played in there. It's not quite there yet because it had to open another app for the playback, but being able to search across multiple services is a start at least.
  3. We use Dymo Rhino labels for any connecting cables (flexible nylon is best for cables), and patch panels get laser-engraved labels by these guys https://www.finelineltd.co.uk/laserengraved.html.
  4. Afraid I have no knowledge of the garage doors to be able to help with a solution, but it is possible to revert back to 2.10.6 if a resolution cannot be found, as long as you don't have any hardware which requires OS3, like the Neeo remote.
  5. Correct, you cannot use an IR port as a relay. You would need an IO Extender to get you enough relays to do what you would like. The audio matrix option is a good one, I would recommend going that route as you get room and volume control through the Control4 as well as the matrixing sources. With a couple of converters you could have 3 individual audio streams into it, playing across your 6 rooms.
  6. Agree with SMHarman. You would want as many audio outputs as required at Side A and Side B, have both sides on the same network and C4 will handle syncing/switching between rooms as if it was all in the same place. You cannot sync Sonos zones and Control4 zones together, IMO you would be best picking one or the other for the whole house. The user experience of Sonos within C4 is limited to selecting Sonos Favourites (due to Sonos local APIs not allowing further integration), whereas with Control4 native streaming you can search and browse. Worth noting that if Spotify is your thing, Contro4 is Spotify Connect only, you have to use the Spotify app on a phone/tablet/pc to choose the music, which can be a bit clunky IMO if grouping rooms together. Sonos handles Spotify much nicer with browsing and searching, although it is not guaranteed that this will always be the case as it seems Sonos is the only service which works like this now.
  7. That Salt remote is only IR, which is why you don't need to pair it, and why there is no Siri button. Does look nice though compared to the original Apple TV remote.
  8. If you have your own music collection you can store it on a NAS drive, and the Control4 can be set to point to this and play music. You can also, as you suggest, store tracks on a USB stick connected in the back of your controller. I'm not familiar with the PianoDisc system but if it just takes an audio input then you could also use any of the supported musicstreaming services (such as Tidal, Deezer, Pandora, Napster, Spotify (Connect), or Amazon Music).
  9. Just need to make sure you get the retrofit version and not the new construction version!
  10. LG is the only one that I've seen, would love to know if any others can do it though. If that is the only scenario you want it for, most TVs will have an auto-standby setting which turns the TV off after a period of inactivity. Depending on your setup (if the TV is IR controlled or it's possible to add an IR bug to it, or if all you watch is sourced from the TV rather than an external source), you might be able to enable this setting within the TV, then have a custom button on your remote which is programmed to fire the TV's ok/select/enter code (if you are using the TV as the source then you wouldn't need this, you would just need to press enter). When the TV displays the message, the user presses the button and it clears the message, or if they don't then the TV turns off. If you have IP control you might then be able to program "When TV turns off > Turn off ROOM" so the C4 stays in sync with the TV. Hopefully my rambling makes sense, if not I'll try and explain better
  11. Hey Shivam, I know you have a lot on your plate with Google and Outlook calendars, but have you thought about looking at iCloud calendars too?
  12. Go back to a switch, you run the risk of damaging the dimmer and or the jukebox light. The dimmer is not capable of true switching, it is using a triac to dim very quickly, but this is still not the same. Could you re-wire the load to somewhere else (hidden in a cupboard for example) then install a keypad in it's place so you still have the extra buttons at that location?
  13. Yes, @alanchowhas made drivers for these: Belkin Wemo D-Link Smart Plug Orvibo Wiwo s20 TP-Link Kasa
  14. Yes, the bug was iOS only so they left it in the Android version and removed from iOS. OP - do you not have the volume buttons visible in the bottom media bar? If the room is on then you should have these available which will control the volume of the endpoint for the device. Why would you want the TV not to turn on when you are watching it? And why do you want it to stay on when switching the room off? Trying to understand your use case so as to advise on best solution.
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