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AndrewLuecke - C-BUS PowerTools Cloud driver for Clipsal C-BUS Lighting

Andrew luecke

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G'day guy's, (finally) introducing my new Cloud-based C-Bus Powertools Driver for Control4 designed for Clipsal CBUS Lighting Systems. Clipsal CBUS is a Lighting system developed by Clipsal/Schneider Electric which is common particularly in Australia. This is a dropin for the Extra Vegetables drivers (or long term standalone driver) with Cloud functionality for remote access to the lighting system, and fast provisioning. 
This is currently a time limited prerelease!! We're still looking at distributors for the driver. As this is a pre-release, we recommend only using it for testing on production systems (Sniffing is probably safe to use, but our powertools auto-provision drivers will likely break).
Download and more Info:
Why use it?
  • Cloud Gateway. Access Application logging and test components of the CBUS system remotely. No port forwarding required. SSL encrypted
  • Rapidly commission Clipsal C-BUS Lighting on Control (5mins vs 2 hours), with sniffing, imports, auto-renaming, and auto-provisioning of groups/applications
  • Import XML Tags/cgl files quickly into the database. So, you can have a sparky commission the system, and just give the c4 the programming to import, which can be imported in seconds. No need to keep the sparky onsite.
  • If you don't have the CBUS file, you don't need CBUS Toolkit. Just walk around the house pressing light buttons and look at the application log for ID's.
    • Also perfect for when you miss a circuit in an existing extra veg system and can't get back onsite due to isolation
  • Drop in with Extra vegetables. You can still (mostly) use the sniffing capabilities, and merge both systems safely (you'll miss some functionality however)


What doesn't work

  • Currently, you must must use an Extra vegetable driver and legacy mode with it. That's not a bad thing (it's safe to do, and allows mixed systems for testing)... Allows easy migration too
  • This trial will break eventually because I'm making some major changes to the API. The final will be a stable api
  • You can rename drivers in the Web, but changes to the drivers directly won't be relayed to the web.. You can still change them, but the database won't update correctly
  • Other minor things
  • Dimmer and lighting relay/On off drivers seems to work here, the rest of them are lessor tested
  • No blind driver yet.. Still on the lookout for a module.. You can still intermix the extra veg blind driver in legacy mode anyway (just no auto-provisioning of that driver


Contact me

Details are on: https://cbuslink.com/

Also, still on the lookout for extra modules (such as blind). If you work with extra vegetables and still have the source code, please feel free to get in touch too (as this would allow me to upgrade the original drivers to support auto-provisioning, or at least I could provide the commands I require to do so)


Demo Video








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