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How frequently do Z-Wave devices update their status? I unplugged some plug in ones hours ago and Composer still shows them all as Green saying online when they physically are not.



Basically the subject, I have 3 plug in outlets that I added fine, then unplugged them to see how frequently the status updates.  That was 2+ hours ago and they all still show Green in Composer and online.  I've rebooted the Controller/Director and same thing.  Is there a way to manually refresh, or how long does it take a device being offline for before it realizes it's actually disconnected from the mesh?

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1 hour ago, Matt Lowe said:

the online offline features of a driver only work if it is programmed to do so. the only check may be that it has a good address if it does its online.

I'm not referring to a driver, I'm referring to "Available Devices" where it shows all the Nodes you've added to the mesh.

When you add a device to the mesh and hover over it, it says "Network status: online".  On some devices they show "Network status: offline."  If I physically unplug an outlet, it stays green saying "Network status: online" forever, where other devices do change yellow and say offline.  But half of them never update. 

Like in my screenshot, you can see this one Z-Wave Node a Leviton Outlet, it says "Network status: online" and stays device status is ready, and shows a green icon, yet it has been unplugged from power since yesterday.

Screen Shot 2022-10-04 at 2.40.06 PM.png

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8 hours ago, Matt Lowe said:

My statements above still stand. it is possible it will never change. deleting the device should remove it from the list as expected.

I'm referring to Z-Wave nodes, not drivers.  The nodes are not even bound to a driver, so any feature of a driver should be irrelevant.   If I did this same exercise with a Zigbee device (physically unplugging a Zigbee Z2IR from power), the Zigbee page in Composer eventually would show "Offline" on the device, and 0% for the signal until it's plugged back in.  That does not occur with Z-Wave, instead you physically unplug a Z-Wave device, and under Nodes in Composer it shows it green/online forever.  My question remains, I was asking how frequently this updates or refreshes, as I unplugged a device more than 24 hours ago and Composer still shows it green and online under nodes when it's clearly not.  

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