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Need help with a network probelm


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I am looking for someone that would be willing to help me fix and setup a Unifi network. 

Recently as in 3 days ago my UDM Pro decided to spontaneously factory reset itself. After the reset, it worked for about 5 minutes then went into recovery mode.  I touch the screen to allow it to recover and it went through the process but went right back into recovery mode.  I then manually reset the UDM-Pro and it worked for 5 minutes but again went into recovery mode.  When it did work for 5 minutes, although it would not adopt anything as it said they were under another controller.  Since the switch is right there in the rack, I did try to reset both the switch and the UDM and which allowed the UDM to adopt it, but shortly after the UDM went back into recovery mode.  I contacted Unifi by email, but never heard a response.  I looked up the receipt, which was from B&H, an authorized Unifi dealer and noticed I purchase it 2/24/21, with a confirmed delivery date of 3/5/21, so I filled out an RMA since it was within 2-years of delivery. I received notice from Unifi that since I did not purchase it directly from Unifi it only had 1-year warranty from the time B&H received it (I know weird right) and not the 2-year warranty you get when purchasing direct, which starts the time it is delivered.

I have the following:

Long story short is:

  • Have any of you seen this problem before?
  • Is it fixable locally, or do I need to purchase a new UDM-Pro?
  • Once I get if fixed or a new unit is there anyone willing to help setup the network properly (For a fee of course)? I would like to have everything with a static IP, as things change then they drop of the C4 automation.

I look forward to the group’s thoughts, about this issue and future network programming.

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