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How to program a conditional button?


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Hi, is it possible to create conditional button? I created a custom menu named "Confirm" with items: Yes and No.  The point is I want this acts as a safety measure when open doors.  So you tap on the door, and have to tap Yes on this to open.  Otherwise, it stays closed.  Problem is I cant seem to create an if statement with a custom button.  It only allows you to create a statement: "Press the Yes button from Confirm menu".

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It's complicated.

You can do it with multi state experience buttons if you're creative. Using a timer countdown type scenario. Press door, then button switches to a press to confirm for several seconds and if you don't press by end of timer, button reverts and door stays closed.

Or have a basic red/green precheck "allow" button to govern them all. Press to green, starts timer, reverts to red at expires.
When press door, check if allow is green then open.

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What is the reasoning here.

If it's just to prevent a quick accidental press after putting the door as a favourite on the main screen, simple don't use the favourite and just use the custom button - that already makes it a two step process.


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