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Announcements or equivalent programing that are longer than 15 s?


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I'm new to C4 and only a home edition user. I've been playing with the announcement feature for my home theater. It works really well for having apple TV on in the home theater (for example) and an announcement can play over the audio then it auto switches back to the apple TV source with out an issue. I would love to be able to play more than 15 s of audio. For example, it might be fun to have an announcement with a team fight song that you can activate when your favorite team scores or something. Is this possible? I'm guessing there's a work around with programming where you could store as a variable the currently selected video source, switch to play a song (ideally still with the image on the screen, currently announcements do this with my setup), then flip the audio back to the original video source. 

Just wanted to ask the community what's the best way to achieve this sort of routine. My impression is there is no way to expand the length of allowed announcements, so what would be the recommended programming to achieve the equivalent to an announcement for a longer duration?





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Shorten your fight song to 15s or less.
Anything longer will likely get annoying quickly.
But yes, a variable to track state, switch and play track, then return to source, and the hardware to maintain the video through to the screen.

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There's a driver (snapshot) by Control4 for this sort of function.

Programming becomes when doorbell is pushed, IF timer isn't running (this to prevent snapshot over writes creating a mess) 'take snapshot' of whatever rooms/devices you want, trigger the song as a stored song (usb stick), run timer, when timer runs out recall snapshot

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