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Voice control: Josh, Finite Labs with HomeBridge or HOOOB to build Apple Home control and then Siri


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I'm looking to dip into voice control of Control4.

I've heard of Josh but it seems expensive and complicated.

I've also become aware of the Finite Labs driver which can interface with a HOOOBS device that connects Control4 to AppleHome Kit. This seems a bit easier, and could then use Siri for voice control of Control4.


I'm looking for any advice, as I am just starting thinking about this.


Appreciate any help,


Scott Matson

Running 3.3

25 switches, cameras, Control4 doorbells, blinds

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If money is no object, Josh.ai is your best bet.   I was going to do that, but I decided to try the DTI Siri driver first.   I'm happy with it, although I realize there are some other drivers that people seem to like better.

If you are not a DIY kind of guy, go with what your dealer will support (I assume they will push you toward Josh.ai for support reasons).  Siri controls require running Homebridge on a Pi (or some server) and forces you into a much more complicated world in general.

I'm pre-wired for Josh and might do that eventually, but C4's inclusion of voice button on Halo's and voice compatibility with Apple TV has made me defer any move to Josh.   Keep in mind that, although the C4 Voice integration with Apple TV doesn't really know or care about what contents of voice control audio streams it sends, it opens up a lot of possibilities.   You're not limited to "Open Hulu," your can also say "Turn on the Fan," etc.  If you have Apple TVs behind each TV, once you have your basic Siri/C4 integration up and running, you can invoke *any* Siri voice command with your Halo.  And, critically, it knows what room you're in (because each AppleTV is assigned to a room).  What this means is that you can press Halo voice button and say "turn on the lights" and it will turn on the light IN THE ROOM WHERE YOU ARE (or, more properly, in the room where the Apple TV you are controlling is).   Just like Josh but kind of "for free."   This only works when TV is on and you are holding Halo, but you can also add cheap HomePod minis for hands-free room-aware voice commands.

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Thanks for the reply. 

Josh seems a bit expensive and my C4 integrator mentioned it, but didn’t seem that familiar.


I’m looking for fairly basic commands, and therefore looking at the Infinite Labs Home connect with a HOOBS box to connect C4 with Siri on iPod mini’s. Seems like this would be enough for me and fairly cost efficient. The Home Connect is $250 and the HOOBS box is like $350 plus a few minis.


Anybody else try these products yet?


Thanks again. If I move forward, I’ll report back.




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On 8/6/2023 at 7:27 AM, sdmat said:

"I've heard of Josh but it seems expensive and complicated"

Expensive compared to what?  Because Josh.ai is a pro-grade voice control system and is far superior to Alexa, Google, Siri control.  (and I have used and my clients use all of those).  It's also shockingly simple to setup and use in the Control4 environment.  As a company, we don't even charge for standard setup with Control4.  I think as a standalone, it get's more complicated, but the Josh driver for Control4 allows Control4 to do all of the heavy lifting (bindings, routing, etc).  I sell Josh.ai, but I am and end user as well and I am enamored with it's power and possibilities.


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