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Unifi APs constantly disconnecting and reconnecting after replacing a UDM-Pro. UAP-nanoHD hooked up to a US-16-150W,


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I just replaced my UPD-Pro after it had been down for a few months.  After installing the new one, resetting the switches and access points, re-adopting everything, and updating all the firmware, I am experiencing the APs disconnecting and reconnecting.  I have two APs, and both are UAP-nanoHD.  The weird thing is they both drop and reconnect at the same time.  This is happening multiple times a day.  

I have turned off messing, turned off managed by Global AP Settings, turned off band steering, and turned off nightly channel optimization.

The only thing I can think of is they are set to DHCP and not static. (I had everything set to static prior to the UDM Pro switch out).


Has anyone experienced this?  Does anyone have any ideas?


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How are you powering the WAPs.  Looks like UDM-Pro doesn't have POE ports.  Are they connected to another switch or multi-port injector?   I once had an issue where some CCTVs and UniFi WAPs were connected to a switch with insufficient POE power budget and the WAPs would go offline based on what the cameras were doing.   Just a thought.

I don't think DHCP would ever cause a WAP to go offline-- perhaps unless you have more than one device handing out IP addresses.

If you turned off auto-configure, did you manually set them to use different channels?  Still shouldn't matter in terms of there ability to talk to your UDM (hardwired).

Maybe plug you POE injector(s) into a UPS battery just to rule out a power delivery glitch?

Good luck!


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